Dental BridgeHave you lost one or more of your permanent teeth?  If so, Topanga Dental has great news for you!  There are solutions that can help you to return to eating and smiling normally.  Anyone that has loss one or more permanent teeth does not have to suffer with cumbersome eating and the loss of beautiful smile.  Dental bridges enable anyone to enjoy improved speech, comfortable eating, and a brilliant smile.  The Topanga is led by Dr. Maria Saguin DDS who specializes in providing knowledgeable, passionate service to the community.  There are more than 30 facial muscles, nearly half of which are used when smiling.  After we install your bridge, you’ll be proud to give those muscles a good work out!

Bridging the Gap

Gaps in teeth are not just smile killers, they promote periodontal disease, tooth decay, weaken gum lines, and leads to Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ).  There are three major bridge strategies used in modern dentistry and we utilize them all.

  • Cantilever bridges – This bridge type connect a tooth or set of teeth only on one end. We find that this technique is best only for areas of the mouth that are not heavily utilized for chewing.
  • Maryland bridges – This option is best for a single missing tooth. One great advantage of this technique is that it requires very little removal of natural teeth.  However, it is the least aesthetically pleasing.
  • Traditional bridges – The most common of all bridges. Crowns or implants are inserted on both sides of the bridge that serve as supports for a pontic.

Crossing the Bridge to Dental Technologies

As advancements in dental technologies and methods continue to increase, we continue to stay abreast to them and adapt accordingly.  The latest advancements are utilizing mini-implants to anchor dental bridges for improved stability.  Dr. Maria Saguin DDS is actively looking at the feasibility of this strategy and other dental bridge improvements.