Composite Fillings

There is no longer a need to use metal fillings with the advancements of composite dental substances.  Were you aware that metal fillings have been in used in dentistry since the Civil War?  The time for a change was well overdue!  Composite fillings are the 21st century’s answer to metal fillings.  At Topanga, we simply love working with composite fillings and we offer this service as a part of our cosmetic dentistry.  Our patients continue to be fully pleased with the look and feel of the non-metal treatment.

Topanga Composite Fillings

One of the best part of composite fillings is that they are completely painless and are handled during a single in-office visit.  So, if you have any teeth are stained, chipped, or suffering from decay, composite fillings may be used to restore and strengthen the tooth.

To begin the treatment your teeth are cleansed and images of your teeth’s color will be taken.  We’ll need to make an exact match of the color of the composite material.  While this occurs the tooth (or teeth) requiring the work will be etched with a special solution.  This solution prepares the tooth for the composite.  Once the composite it is ready it will be applied to your tooth and sculpted to an appropriate shape.  This contouring is carefully done so that your bite, smile, and speech is unimpeded.  Afterwards we’ll solidify the composite with a curing light which simultaneously bonds it to your tooth.  The entire process is very modern and you won’t believe how natural your tooth looks afterwards!

The only drawback that we can think with composite filings is that they currently more expensive that metal (mercury-amalgam) fillings.  Yet, studies are continually proving that they are the safer and healthier option.  Some dental insurances will cover composite fillings that are visible when smiling, however most object to those that are applied to molars.