Every veneer treatment is a combination of dentistry and artistry.  The Topanga Dental team balances both to provide optimal smile restorations.  On the dentistry side, our dentists grasp how vital it is to apply veneers so that they are functional and improve your oral health.  On the artistry side, we understand how to address aesthetic and symmetry issues to ensure a beautiful smile.  After all, every smile is unique.  Therefore, we take pride in placing veneers in a way that complements the essence and balance of each patient’s smile.

Topanga Veneers

Everyone’s smile is quite different due to tooth physiology and oral hygiene habits.  One common pitfall in veneer treatments is overlooking gum symmetry before the procedure.  That is why we give each veneer patient a comprehensive dental examination including digital x-rays to address mouth and gum symmetry.  Even where there is a disruption of symmetry, we can address soft gum tissues before placing veneers.  This contributes to a perfectly symmetrical smile.

Another benefit of Topanga veneers is our relationship with top master ceramists.  No matter how well veneers are placed by a dentist, the final look will suffer if the veneer material is subpar.  Some materials may look great at first but quickly deteriorate with use.  Topanga Dental uses the highest-grade materials for veneers, so you can keep a beautiful smile as long as possible.

Our expert dentists use veneers to correct the following dental flaws:

  • Chipped or broken
  • Decaying or thinning
  • Ill-developed due to congenital issues
  • Lacking symmetry in length or spacing (resulting in gaps or crowding)
  • Naturally discolored or stained

A Perfect Smile for the Perfect You

Our team is meticulous about the tiniest details.  Therefore, you can be confident that you will be good hands.  We take painstaking steps to ensure that your veneer treatment is a work of art.  First, we will design a mockup of what you can expect from your veneers.  After your approval, we’ll begin the manufacturing process of creating your customized veneers.

There is a period of time required to adjust to your veneers, just as when any new substance is introduced to your mouth.  Nevertheless, if the veneer is designed in a way that takes into consideration your natural bite and smile, the adjustment is will occur more smoothly.  At Topanga Dental, we strive to make veneers that are as close to an exact fit as possible.

Veneers fix surface appearances, yet our team and services go beyond the surface.  At Topanga Dental, our staff is committed to helping you have a beautiful, healthy smile.

Are you looking to improve your smile in a safe and fast way?  Schedule an appointment with us for a veneer consultation today!