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It's been 2 yrs since my last teeth cleaning bec I was hesitant to go  to a dentist due to bad experiences & was having hard time looking for a good one...until I found Dr. Saguin & I have no complaints since then... She's very gentle,professional ,straight forward& have time to listen on your concerns...If you love yourself & want to keep your healthy teeth...I highly recommend her ...

Sheila S.Sheila S.

Dr. Maria Saguin and her team are the friendliest and hardworking workers you will ever meet. They are so efficient with their job and really make you feel...


Just about the BEST dental experience I have ever had.
Dr Maria Saquin is the kindest and most knowledgeable dentist I have ever met and you have to trust me on this because I know.
over the span of 40 years I have met few hundred dentist of all specialists and I have had some of the worst experiences any person could ever have . I know more dentists than anyone.
I will make it simple , Dr Saquin’s office and staff is a bliss.
I nightly recommend this office.

Dr. Saguin has been my dentist for almost 10 years now, very satisfied with her service. Very knowledgeable and passionate about her field. Will never go to another dentist.

Juliet S.Yelp Review

I got my Braces, then my son and now my husband all of us from Dr. Saquin, I'm use to calling her "Doc Malou". She is very accommodating, friendly,  professional, understanding and most of all i can ask her questions anytime.. Her office manager, Debbie is very helpful and knows what she is doing. Great team!

I just had a major work done on my teeth with Dr. Saguin for the first time. She was very professional and knowledgeable and did a great job.  I will recommend her to everyone I know. Additionally, Debbie, the office manager, is a wonderful person to deal with. She is always willing to assist anyone who needs her help and she welcomes every person with a smile.

KatherineYelp Review

Love this dental office. Dr. Saguin is an amazing dentist. Very professional, gentle, skilled and does quality work. Her staff are very nice.  Topanga Dental provides best dental care for their patients!!!!

From my very first visit at the office, I was made to feel welcome and comfortable both by the friendly competence of the staff and the pleasant environment of rhe office itself. Doc Malu inspires the confidence by her smile and by her wealth of knowledge, skill and professionalism. Kudos and the highest recommendation to Doc Malu and everyone in Topanga Dental!!!!

Rob S.Rob S.

Most skillful, competent dentist anywhere. The office is so kind. Convenient, informative, kind. The people here care about you mouth. Highly recommend!

Brett SpuntBrett Spunt

The whole team at Topanga Dental is awsome. Crystal and Dr. Saguin are both fantastic. Your in good hands with either of them. Great skills, great bedside manner, very gentle, they do great/thorough work and take care to make sure your comfortable. It's really hard to find a good dentist. We are very glad we found Topanga Dental. Also, all of the office staff are awesome too!

Michelle EscobarMichelle Escobar

My personal experience at Topanga Dental has been the best. Dr. Saguin is so professional and so is Krystal and the rest of the girls in her staff. They always make sure I feel comfortable and my dental health has never been better. Thank you so much for providing the best service in the valley.

Karina GuadalupeKarina Guadalupe

Such a wonderful experience for my family, the kids loving going to their dentist appointment. Doctor is so gentle and staff is amazing making you feel comfortable every step of the way! Would definitely recommend this office to everyone!

Noesh H.Noesh H.

Dr. Saguin is truly the best dentist out there. She transformed my teeth into what they are today through Invisalign. She was so kind and informative...

Tek HernandezTek Hernandez

First time I came to Dr. Saguin I was going through a very difficult time and struggling to get my self esteem back. Dr. Saguin knows exactly what I needed. After less than a year I got my confidence back. My invisalign treatment only took 11 months and it was a total transformation! I don’t show my teeth when smiling before, but now I love my smile! 😃 I love the Topanga Dental! The whole team is exceptional!

OMG! what a wonderful dentist.  Yesterday I had to have a tooth pulled, must admit I was a  bit nervous about it.  She told me she was going to give the me Novocaine, did not feel a thing, it was amazing, best shot I have ever received.  She had the tooth out and was done before I even had time to get nervous, did not feel any tugging or pulling.  I am thrilled beyond pieces.

The doctor is friendly, outgoing and has a fabulous bed side manner, she gives you all the information you need and if you have questions she answers them.Debbie who works for her is just wonderful also.  They give you all costs involved before work is started, there are no surprises. Great place to go, could not recommend it any higher.  Wonderful office, great atmosphere, no waiting, if your appointment is at 4:30 you are seen at 4:30 if not before.

Great office, great staff, great dentist!!!!!

Apple G.Yelp Review

Dr. Saguin had been my dentist for many years but had to switch to another provider when I moved to another city a couple of years ago. Now I'm back in the valley and fortunately, Dr. Saguin just opened her own clinic not too far from where I live. Dr. Saguin is a very skilled and knowledgeable dentist. She is very friendly and very professional. She takes the time to educate her patients about oral health, and she patiently answers all your questions. She is great with kids, as she is now my son's dentist also. Appointments always run smoothly, and I love the fact that I don't need to wait a long time to be seen. Her staff is wonderful, especially Debbie. She is very helpful and polite, which is a huge plus for me. If you live in the valley and are looking for a great dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Maria Saguin. She is simply the best. You will not be disappointed.