For those who are considering dentures, an appointment with our specialists will determine the type of treatment needed in your specific case.

Replacing Existing Dentures

Dentures aid in giving you the confidence and quality of life you desire. Taking good care of your natural teeth is necessary, and dentures too require the same level of care. Over time, dentures can stain, wear down, or lose their form. As the shape and size of your mouth gradually changes over time, the comfort of your dentures decrease. A visit to the dentist may be required if:

  • You have increased the use of denture adhesives
  • Your dentures are causing discomfort
  • You have had the dentures for over five years. The recommended time for replacing dentures is every 5-7 years, according to the American Dental Association

The aim of Topanga Dental is to provide denture procedures with ease and comfort. To this end, our offices have on-site labs, allowing our team of dentists and technicians to provide you the perfect fit quickly and efficiently. Adjustments and repairs can made while you wait.

How long does the new denture process take?

Giving you a new smile won’t take us long. Upon evaluating whether dentures are suitable for you, we can start the fitting process immediately. Based on your specific needs, the dentist will determine the period of time required between fitting the immediate dentures and the permanent ones,

We understand the importance of your oral health and comfort, so your satisfaction is our priority.  Any questions you may have regarding the denture-fitting procedure are welcomed and we strive to ensure the greatest level of dentist/client communication.

Taking Care of Dentures

The many and varied powders, pastes and brushes may overwhelm you, but proper denture care is in reality not at all hard. Simply use a denture cleanser and brush to clean them after each meal. Try to avoid gritty powders and pastes. Additional information about the care of your dentures can also be obtained from your dentist.

Although denture care is not complicated, they do have a limited shelf life. Over time they may become loosen or change in shape, thus have an exam performed by our dentist at least annually.

Our professionals view every mouth as being unique, and therefore every denture should be unique too. That is why every set of our dentures is customized.

The well-trained denture technicians and dentists at Topanga Dental realize the daily impact dentures can have on one’s life. For that reason, we are committed to providing you with service that meets your individual needs and a product that fits best with your lifestyle.