5 Different Types of Cosmetic Dentistry and Which is Right for You

Americans spend billions of dollars on cosmetic dentistry procedures each year. Part of their motivation comes from the desire to have a photo winning smile. But modern dental technology has also made it possible to achieve beautiful teeth painlessly and in a short amount of time.

If you’ve been wondering what types of cosmetic dentistry are available, here’s a look at five treatments that may be right for you.

1. Veneers

Veneers are a thin artificial outer tooth layer, usually made of porcelain, that is affixed to the front of a tooth to make it more uniform. The treatment is often used to correct chipped or broken teeth or to create symmetry and reduce gaps.

Having veneers is a painless procedure. The dentist will remove the enamel on the front of the tooth and apply a material to help the veneer bond to the surface. Veneers are very natural looking and a minimally invasive solution to improve the tooth’s appearance.

2. Braces and Invisalign

Both braces and Invisalign can align teeth and eliminate gaps. Which solution is better for you depends upon the amount of straightening needed and how much effort you’re willing to do yourself.

Braces are fitted and adjusted by a dentist or orthodontist and require regular appointments. They are usually necessary for more serious alignment problems.

Invisalign is an innovative treatment consisting of several molded trays that are worn over the teeth to gently move them into the new position. It can take several months to achieve the new smile and patients must wear the trays for several hours a day.

3. Composite Fillings

Back in the day, patients who needed fillings had no choice but to receive the “silver” colored or amalgam variety. Today, many dentists can offer the more modern composite filling alternative. Also known as “white” fillings, these match the color of your teeth, making them less noticeable.

Composite fillings are not just for restoring teeth after decay is removed, but they can be used for repairing chips and restoring stained areas. They can seamlessly fill in areas that are visible when smiling.

4. Dental Implants

Losing a tooth not only creates uncomfortable spaces in the mouth but it can cause surrounding teeth to shift out of place. Dental implants have become a popular and effective solution for missing teeth. A dental implant is an artificial tooth that looks and functions like a natural tooth once it’s secured in the mouth.

Dental implant surgery usually requires having a post inserted into the jawbone. Once this heals, a dentist can take an impression for the crown, which is the visible part of the “tooth” that sits above the gum line. Dental implants look, feel, and function like natural teeth and can last a lifetime.

5. Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening treatments are the fastest way to achieve a brighter smile. Zoom teeth whitening, in particular, is done in the dentist’s office and can help remove discoloration and stains from teeth in less than an hour.

Know Your Cosmetic Dentistry Options

There are so many cosmetic dentistry options to help keep your smile bright and healthy. The five listed above are just some of the ones we offer at Topanga Dental.

If you’re looking for a caring, modern Chatsworth area dentist and have questions about your cosmetic dentistry options, contact us to make an appointment. We look forward to helping you keep your smile beautiful and healthy!

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