Fixing Your Smile: When To Get Braces

80% of people with braces are between the ages of 6 and 18 years old. This may be true, but more and more adults are getting braces these days.

The best age for braces is any age. After all, you’re never too old to want a perfect smile.

But you may still be wondering: do I need braces?

I’m here to help you answer that question with this guide into the most common problems that can be fixed with orthodontics.

Keep reading to find out if you would benefit from getting braces.

How to Know if You Need Braces

Do your teeth line up when your smile? Is there pain in your mouth and jaw, especially when biting or chewing? If the answer to these questions is yes, you should consider getting braces.

Bite Misalignment

Even those with straight teeth may suffer from bite misalignment.

Issues with bite include:

  • underbite – lower teeth overlap upper teeth
  • overbite – upper teeth overlap lower teeth
  • overjet – upper teeth point outward
  • crossbite – back teeth don’t align when clenching teeth
  • open bite –  top and bottom teeth don’t touch when biting down

While everyone has a slight overbite, if you can’t see your lower teeth when clenching your jaw then you may need braces.

Underbites, overjets, crossbites, and TMJ should be fixed no matter how mild. These problems can lead to tooth wear, tooth loss, and speech impediments.

Do you feel discomfort or pain when biting down? You may have problems with bite alignment and need braces to fix it.

Mouth and Jaw Pain

Pain when chewing and biting is also a sign that you need braces.

Mouth pain can happen when your teeth are overcrowded. While your bite may be perfect, too many teeth or overlapping teeth can lead to mouth and toothaches. Orthodontics can help correct these problems and relieve the pain.

Even if you don’t have an obvious issue with bite, your teeth may be misaligned if opening and closing your jaw causes pain. Just like issues with bite, jaw pain due to bite misalignment can be fixed with braces. For example, pain in the jaw area is a symptom of TMJ that is often fixed with orthodontics.

Mouth and jaw pain may also happen if you have:

  • a cracked tooth
  • decaying teeth
  • loose fillings
  • infected gums or tissue

If left untreated, mild pain can become severe and require surgery. Getting braces can prevent more problems with your mouth and jaw in the future.

Who Should Consider Getting Braces?

So you may be thinking: I don’t have any of the problems above, but I want to improve the look of my smile. Should I get braces?

The answer? Absolutely! Cosmetic issues can lead to tooth wear later in life.

If you have problems with bite, experience mouth, and jaw pain, or just want a straighter, more beautiful smile then you should think about getting braces.

Topanga Dental can help you smile with confidence. We individually tailor a dental solution to fit your needs and surpass your expectations.

Do you live in Chatsworth, California? Come visit us at Topanga Dental or schedule your first appointment to get your dream smile.

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